Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lucky Thirteen

I drove 4.5 hours tonight and took thirteen deliveries. The biggest reason was that Thomas got sent way far out on Lake Ave. and while he was gone, I took 4 other deliveries.

I had 3 credit-card orders tonight and each one tipped $5. (One actually tipped $5.75). The average for my cash orders was $3.

I did get stiffed twice, once on a free (customer satisfaction) order. The other stiff was an order for $17.28. The woman paid with $20 and said "Just give me back $2." I should have asked her what she wanted me to do with the extra 72 cents.

Total tips for the night was $36 and total miles was 40. I'm expecting an even better night on Wednesday, Thanksgiving eve!


Dave said...

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exelyrian said...

I like your blog. And it's been popularized since you thwarted that robbery. Per the 72 cents remark, well I hope she doesn't read it.

Justin said...

With the leftover change from orders, I initially told customers, somewhat apologetically, that I don't carry coin change.

After a while, I stopped doing that at all. Nobody's ever complained.