Saturday, November 22, 2008

Doing Favors

What is pizza delivery, really, if not doing favors for the customer. "Hey I want some food, can you do me a favor and bring it to my house?"

Well tonight I had a $33 order of pizza and pasta. The woman met me at the door with $40 and asked "Could you do me a big favor?"

"Maybe" was my reply.

She then proceeded to ask me to take a pizza to her sister's house, about 3 houses down and across the street. She said I could keep the $6+ change. Of course I agreed!

My other interesting event happened at my final delivery. After I knocked, I heard a girl's voice behind the door saying "everyone's passed out, I'm not going to answer." Well I knocked some more and then called and she answerred, saying she would get to the door in a minute. After some waiting and some more knocking, she answerred and asked me to wait again! Eventually she sent me to the other side of the duplex and the woman on that side paid (and even gave $1+ tip).

I think my average tip for pizza delivery is now $3. Tonight I had 4 stiffs, 2 tips in the $1-2 range, 5 tips in the $3 range, and 4 tips in the $4+ range.

Totals for the night were 7 hours driving, 15 deliveries, $42 in tips, and 56 miles.

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Justin said...

One of my regular customers asked me to run two blocks up the road to get him a pack of smokes, and promised a good tip+compensation when I got back.

5 minutes later, I have a fourteen dollar tip.

I worked ten hours that day, and took 9 singles, two triples, and a double. Came out with $56. Most of that being commission and the decent tip. The rest of the day was pretty terrible.