Monday, December 22, 2014

New Shop, Big Bucks!

So about a week ago, I thought I was working on a Friday night and found out I wasn't on the schedule.  Mostly on a lark, I called former manager Meredith.  When I started at this shop back in June, she was an assistant manager.  Within about a month she got transferred and is now the GM at a franchise the next town over.  This is a sleepy lakefront town.

Anyways, Meredith replied that she actually did need a driver.  I didn't really want to work farther from home, but since I'm on Christmas break from my day job as a math teacher, I do have time to travel.

This shop is the smallest of the 3 I have worked at.  There is no dining room, it is delivery / carry-out only.  There is no dish machine, all the dishes are washed by hand (by the drivers, me).

My first delivery tip was $5 (to the cashier at the local Marathon station).  Next another $5 on a $50 order.  (Had to rerun because someone else packed the order incorrectly.  Kind of frustrating but learned not to trust others.)  Third delivery was a $3 tip who apologized that she couldn't give more.

I was liking this town!

Next another $5, and then $10 on another large ($55) order, then 2 more $5's.

I was starting to notice a pattern at the former store, that the dinner crowd tips better than the late night crowd, and this was definitely the case, as my next 6 deliveries included a stiff, 2 $2's, and 3 $3's.  Final delivery of the night was another $10 tip (on a $20 order).

Totals for the night were 6.99 hours, 14 deliveries, 56 miles, and $62 in tips.  I was the only driver from about 9:30 until close (midnight, on a Friday).

I've got 5 more shifts planned over the next 2 weeks (including 2 more Fridays plus New Years Eve).  If this continues, I may seriously consider a permanent transfer!


vincentburns said...

These are pretty good tips for being a pizza delivery guy! It seems like transferring might not be a bad idea.

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