Tuesday, December 30, 2014

... And I'm Staying

First the drama.  The GM that welcomed me on a trial basis at the new shop has been "demoted".  She is no longer a GM anywhere, she is being sent to "train" as an assistant manager at a different shop for 2 months, then she may get another trial as a GM.

One of the 2 Assistant Managers at the same shop put in her 2 weeks notice to go work the front desk at Kalahari.
  • I am making better tips ($3.59 avg compared to $3.01 at the other shop) and more $ per hour ($14.97 compared to $13.38).
  • I feel the neighborhood is safer.
  • The shop is smaller (fewer employees) so I get to learn new skills such as answering the counter or the pick-up window.
  • The shop closes earlier, so I am not as tired the next day.
All of this led to me calling my old GM this morning and asking to be permanently transferred to the new shop (despite the drama and not knowing who the new GM will be).

So I drove tonight, wasn't expecting much as it was a Monday and my previous Monday at this shop was 10 deliveries and $30 in tips.  Tonight was totally different:  19 deliveries and $58 in tips!

Manager Lilly remarked that she had never been as busy on a Monday. I did notice that during the last couple hours I had a few repeat deliveries to neighborhoods that I had recently delivered to ... also I have noticed some other drivers that don't consistently use their car toppers ... coincidence?