Thursday, January 1, 2015

Split Pay for Pizza Drivers

So the minimum wage in Ohio goes up in 2015 from $7.95 to $8.10.  The minimum for tipped employees is $4.05.  Our franchise chose 12/31 (since some people may work past midnight) to implement this as well as "split pay" for drivers.

Split pay means we are paid sub-minimum while we are driving (and thus earning tips) and minimum when we are in the store, doing dishes, prepping dough, and other non-tipped tasks.

Our franchise chose $6.10 as the driver rate ($2 less than the minimum) but they did grandfather in all current drivers, so our split rate is $7.95 (our previous rate).  If not for the grandfathering I would be pretty upset.

My time was evenly split tonight, 3:32 on the road and 3:33 in the store.

This was a non-typical New Years Eve for me, I made good money early then things slowed down the last hour (but we closed at 11.  I prefer to stay open until 1 on NYE).

Totals for the night were 7.08 hours, 14 deliveries, $54 in tips, and 67 miles.  Oh and I made a $2 tip on a pick-up order at the window! And I met my new GM (Will) ... if my transfer goes through.


Pavlos Lombardi said...

Some of the stories you have on this blog are just insane! I can't believe some of the things you've run into while delivering pizza. That's why I think pizza delivery would be such a fun job, because everyday is literally something different.

Anthony Gardner said...

Hey there, this is wild. I posted something almost exactly like your post. I'm also geeking out on my numbers, too. Great post. Great blog. going to find a way to follow it... Here are my december numbers:

Anonymous said...

We also split wage... since I drive full time it works out well for me since I have to clean for 2 hrs after close.

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