Tuesday, November 16, 2010

True Tales Of Pizza Delivery

Tonight was a pretty crazy night.

It started before I even got there.  I made a right-turn on red.  There was a car coming but he was a ways away.  Well once I turned I realized he was coming WAY faster than I thought.  He shifted lanes and honked as he  flew past me.  Of course, I thought, "If you weren't going so fast, I wouldn't be in your way."  Less than a minute later a police cruiser coasted past me.  The limit was 50.  Pretty soon the lights came on and the guy who honked as he passed me got pulled over.  Serves him right!

First trip was a double.  First house tipped $1.01 on a $15.99 check.  Next house, an older man handed me several folded bills for his $17.98 check.  I began to walk away, hearing a younger man ask, "Was that enough?"  I had just started counting and was surprised to find 3 x $5 and 2 x $1.  It was only $17!  I walked back and let them know, and the younger man gave me a $20.  I gave him the $17 back and he said we were all set.  Total 2 runs = $3.03

Next trip was another double.  First house was out of the area, tipped $1.58 on a $18.42 order, and said she was sorry she didn't have more of a tip.  I really don't care for sorry's.  Either tip me or don't, but don't try to explain it.  Next house was in a trailer park.  High school son came to the door with $25 for the $23.47 check and said, "I'm gonna need the change back."  I gave him a buck and offered to check the car for more coin change.  He declined.  Total 2 runs = $2.11.

Side note, this house called back to complain that the toppings had all slid to one side.  I never tilt my bags and I never have gotten this complaint before.  It may have been the kid who tilted the pizzas.

Next delivery was a single, a 12 mile round trip, out of our delivery area.  It was a large order, lots of wings, and they tipped $5.77 on the $56.23 order.  But how much money did I really make.  Between the time I could have been taking another delivery, and the extra gas ... I'd much rather stay within our area.

Next was a triple.  First house was a credit card, and I had to remind them to not leave the total blank.  After the reminder she  added a $2 tip to the $16.99 order.

Next house, the woman was waiting at the door, and told me now she remembered why she usually doesn't order from us.  It takes 3 times as long as the other guys.  I told her my car goes just as fast as theirs, there isn't much I can do.  She did top $4.01 on her $9.99 order.  I checked and it had only been 45 minutes since she called.  Longer than I like to take but certainly not unreasonable.  And not 3 times as long as anybody.

Final house in the delivery was actually 80 minutes after their order.  It would have been faster if I hadn't had to take the out-of-area order.  She handed me $23 for the $22.98 check.  She said they told her $22 on the phone, so she intended to tip me $1, but made no move to get any more money.  Total 3 runs, $6.03 in tips.

At this time I'm pretty frustrated, I've got about $17 in tips for 8 deliveries.

My next trip was another double, and another reminder to write the credit card total.  "I'm not the only person that handles these" is a new line I like to use.  After the reminder she added a $5 tip.  Next customer was waiting in his driveway.  Handed me $20 for his $13.99 order and said, "Keep the change".  To which I replied (as always), "You keep the pizza!"

Next trip was yet another double.  Tips were $2.01 at the first apartment and $0 at the last house.  A little kid did make me chuckle, telling me he had "Glove bones."  He was wearing gloves with skeleton bones printed on the back.

Totals for the night, 5.45 hours worked, 12 deliveries, $30 in tips, 55 miles.

Disappointing thing is, I was back from my last delivery before 10.  I spent the next 90 minutes washing dishes, which is fine.  But we got 2 more deliveries, separately, and the other driver got assigned to take them both.  I don't mind staying past my shift to help clean, but if I'm still working, then I should still be in the delivery queue also!

Moneywise it was a decent night, but it should have been even a little better.


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dlagoldberg said...

Wow. You are obviously a diligent driver. Thanks for sharing. I love delivery stories.

- Debbie