Monday, November 22, 2010

Off The Cliff

I'm not referring to my driving ... although I ran into former driver Jim in WalMart and he had some nasty road rash on his face from a bike mishap.

But for the 2nd week in a row, we were super-busy from about 6-7:30, then business dropped off to zero.  I took 7 deliveries during the first hour and a half (triple-triple-single), then I washed dishes for a couple hours and got sent home.  Matt only took 1 delivery during that time also, so the inisde work was pretty much caught up.

I worked 3.61 hours, drove 19 miles for 7 deliveries (including 3 stiffs), and made $12 in tips.  Unfortunately I forgot the 2-liter on one of the deliveries, so I had to buy one at a nearby store.  I did get to take on of our pop's home (the one I should have taken to the customer), but I didn't make enough money that I wanted to blow $2 on a Pepsi.

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