Sunday, June 15, 2008

Why Is It Called Cut And Pack?

We had a new kid working in the kitchen tonight. He told me this was his 3rd day. Eventually he made it over to the cut and pack area, where the pizzas are taken off the oven, cut into slices, and packed into boxes for delivery or pick up.

Well I had a delivery order setting on top of the oven, and I just had a hunch I should check it to make sure it was the right order before driving out to the customer and finding a mistake and having to come back.

Well, I found a mistake all right. The pizza wasn't cut! I was very glad I checked.

The other interesting event of the night was on one of my last couple deliveries, there was a young man sitting on his porch. After his friend paid for the food, he started asking questions. How long had I been a pizza driver, did the company pay for my gas, and what would happen if I got into an accident.

I drove 8 hours, took 18 deliveries, put 63 miles on my car, and made $35 in tips. It was a decent night but it should have been better.

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