Monday, June 2, 2008

Dishroom Delight

Around 10 PM tonight, I was washing dishes in the dishroom. Both sinks were overflowing with lids. The counter was covered with pans from the salad bar. There were 2 tubs of dining room dishes in the hallway. And there was a cart behind me with pizza pans, 2 stacks about 2-3 feet high each.

As I was loading the next rack, Mona called out to nobody in particular, "I'm gonna start breaking the make table down."

I called back, in a serious voice, "Good, because I'm about ready to wash it." Mona looked over, did a double take, and said "I guess I need to clean off my glasses.

I only took 1 more delivery, during which time Mona herself kept the dishwasher going, and we didn't finish washing them all until around 12:15, over an hour after we closed.

Tips were way lower than last night. In 6 hours, I took 12 runs, drove ? miles, and made $22 in tips. I would have done even worse, but for a $5 tip on a run that could have been Steve's.

There were only 2 runs on the screen, both were in the same direction, one near and one far. The far one was first and I was up. Steve let me take them both, saying "You'll be driving right past it anyways."

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