Friday, September 21, 2007

One Delivery

Well after I got the kids to bed tonight I called in to see if I was needed and they told me I wasn't. Still, I had to deposit a check and gas up the van, and also to deliver a fundraiser to Nick and to write in my October schedule, so I stopped by the old pizza shop.

While I was there I noticed 2 deliveries on the oven, waiting to go out. I checked the dispatch computer and was surprised to find that at 10:30 PM there was just 1 driver. I volunteered to take the farthest out delivery, which was almost on my way home anyhow.

For the 1 delivery of $17.33 I earned $4.67 in tip and another $1.10 for mileage. I never even clocked in, and I paid for the run out of my own pocket before I left so I didn't have to go back either.

Not a bad night.

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