Wednesday, September 5, 2007

How Not To Treat A Customer

On Sunday, while vacationing with my family near Port Clinton, we decided to get pizza for lunch. I knew there was a franchise of the pizzeria where I work there, so my wife called my home-franchise and got their number.

My wife then called to place an order. This was around 11:30 AM. Our first surprise was that this franchise has different specials than ours, but that was no big deal. I get an employee discount of 50%, up to $10 maximum discount, so we just ordered 3 pizzas and some garlic bread with cheese.

The order was for pick-up as we were driving to my in-laws.

My wife indicated when placing the order that I was an employee and should get the discount. They asked if I had a pay-stub and she said no I do not, but that they could call my home-store and they would definitely vouch for me. I'm not sure what was said next but apparently they didn't want to make the long-distance call because my wife then offered to let them use our cell phone to call.

About 15 minutes later I walked in the door. This is definitely a nicer restaurant, built for more dine-in business. There was a hostess stand.

I walked up and asked if I was in the right place for a pick-up order.

"Yes, but we don't have any orders."

"Well, I just called about 15 minutes ago, maybe it's not ready yet."

"No, we don't have any orders at all."

I opened my phone to show the last number dialed. "Is this your number?"


"This call was for 3 minutes and 51 seconds, just 15 minutes ago."

"But we don't have any orders. Our only order of the day so far was a delivery."

"But I'm showing you the phone record that I called."

"Maybe you called our Oak Harbor store," she suggested.

"But this is your number on my phone. Not Oak Harbor."

"Right but we don't have any orders."

By this time my wife had came into the store also, I told her that they didn't have an order for us.

"I just called," she said.

The management of this restaurant made no effort at all to try to resolve the situation. They had no dine-in customers that I could see, and they admitted they had only had 1 delivery so far.

They didn't offer to take my order, they just tried to convince me that I hadn't called.

I said to my wife, "It's fine, we'll go to McDonalds"

She said "Is there someone we can call?"

"We can call Shelly," I said. Shelly is our district manager. I thought she was the district manager there too, and I know she spent many days there opening that store.

"Shelly's not our district manager, Ken is," the woman called out as we were walking out.


Fast forward to today, I called my home store to get Shelly's number. Our new GM Ady answered, and told me she knew what it was about.

Apparently someone from the Port Clinton store had called her. They told her that they didn't make my order. They told her that they did a $7000 day and were too busy to call and see if I was an actual employee.

Why did they do this to try to cover their tracks, when they told me that they didn't have an order for me?


VictoriaL said...

A pox on them and their $7000 day. None of it was being done at 11:30 in the morning on a Sunday. I will STARVE to DEATH before I EVER set a foot in that store again!!!!!

VictoriaL said...

I mean it about that pox...a HORRIBLE pox involving oozing ulcers on their faces.

MacGyver021 said...

kevin, you shoulda told them that you would call shelly right then and there, 7000 is no sweat for them and they are deffinatly able to make 3 fing pizza's!.

KevinL said...

$7000 is an excuse. It was 11:30 in the morning and they already told me they had only had 1 order.

lampshade333 said...

If anyone treated me that way I hope they wouldnt expect a tip

KevinL said...

They didn't even sell us any food, so they certainly weren't getting a tip.