Saturday, September 8, 2007

Carnival Delayed

This month's Carnival Of Pizza will be published on Sunday night. I apologize for the delay.

I drove tonight, I worked 6 hours and took 16 deliveries, drove 64 miles and made $38 in tips.

Manager Ady is now our General Manager. It seems like every time we get a new GM, they like to move things (mostly shelves) around in the store. Ady's main change was giving us a 'break room', a small table in the back corner of the back hallway. Everybody is supposed to keep their drinks back there, and there's a tray of candy (tootsie rolls and sweet tarts).

My only stiff of the night was a delivery to the local hospital. It was very frustrating, as I had to park, walk across the street, through the hospital, to the elevators, and up to the 10th floor. That's alot of work for 57 cents!

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