Monday, August 11, 2014

Weekend Update

No, I am not Dennis Miller from SNL.  I've just been getting home too late to write my blog post at night.

Friday's most interesting activities were in the store.  One driver was upset and was making plans to go to the doctor to get his fertility tested.  Apparently a girl he has been intimate with off-and-on told him she hooked up with another guy and got knocked up.  Instead of being glad it wasn't him, his thoughts were "what's wrong with me?"

An hour later he was ready to go home "and kill some zombies", having picked up a new, older X-Box game.  It was payday of course.

Friday's totals were 9.95 hours, 18 runs, $51 in tips, and 81 miles.

Saturday a different driver showed me his stobe-light set-up inside his car!

I had a couple interesting deliveries on Saturday.  One customer's order was $16.58.  She paid with a $20, stood there patiently while I reached in my pocket, grabbed my cash clip, and counted out $3.  Then she handed all 3 back to me.  Does the phrase "Keep the change" ring a bell?

Another customer had an order of $13.58.  I told her she had "about 6 coming back" and she told me to "keep 2 for myself".  I handed her the $4 and she said "where's the change?"  I dug in my pocket and handed her 2 quarters.  Often I would have had to go back to the car, or just give her a buck.  Most pizza guys I know do not carry coin change.

Saturday's totals were 8.76 hours, 18 runs, $44 in tips, and 82 miles.

School is starting back up next week so my schedule will dwindle to some Fridays (and a rare Sunday before a Monday holiday).

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Pizza Slut said...

Wow man that's lame I have never had a customer ask for actual change, that's so crazy!