Sunday, August 2, 2009

What Do You Say?

Driver Thomas again provided me with tonight's story, even though this happened to him a few weeks ago.

He was making a delivery and a young boy around age 9 or so came to the door with the money. During the transaction the boy's dad came up behind him and reminded him of his manners, "What do you say when someone brings you something?"

Much to Thomas' surprise, the child responded, saying, "What took you so long, asshole?"

My night was so-so. Started slow, kind of busy between 8-10, then slow again at the end, which allowed us to finish up and get out on time. In 7 hours driving I took 14 deliveries, drove 47 miles, and made $24 in tips.

It was not a stellar night for tips, witih 5 stiffs, 3 tips of $1 and change, and 4 tips of $2 and change. Only 2 customers saw fit to give me $3 or more.

One of the stiffs was "paid in the store", in other words the parents came to the store, ordered and paid for food to be delivered to their kids.

Another stiff I had to revisit, as there was a mix-up and the wrong pasta was sent. I had 2 other deliveries with me the 2nd time and made sure to take care of them first. They got their remade food the last, which was the level of service that they paid for (zero!).

I had 2 trips to the Super 8 tonight, the customer on the 2nd run saw me when I made my first delivery.

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