Tuesday, May 19, 2009

If You Order Pizza, Be There When The Pizza Arrives!

I took a delivery tonight, got to the apartment and nobody was home. Dogs were barking, tv was on, but no people. Called back to the shop and Nick said the guy was "leaving the bar" 15 minutes ago.

I waited over 15 minutes for the guy to finally arrive. He went in his apartment and left his truck running. He couldn't read his own coupon to figure out which one to give me. He tipped $4 and acted like it was a fantastic tip. Well buddy I could have delivered 2 orders while I was waiting, so it was actually a little under average, considering the time wasted.

In fact, Todd worked an hour longer than me and took 10 more deliveries, so you know he was lapping me all night long. I drove 38 miles in 5 hours, made $21 on 11 deliveries.

Next Monday is Memorial Day and I'm "on call" so perhaps I won't work.

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