Monday, May 4, 2009

How Buying Pizza Is Like Buying A House

I've mentioned here a few times how we are required to swipe an imprint of the credit card, as well as getting the customer's signature on a separate slip of paper, for all credit card transactions. This usually ends up with me holding the customer's card and his copy of the receipt, while he is holding my (signed and hopefully tip added) copy of the receipt, and also my pen.

Usually the next step is a little game of "This is yours, that is mine" which usually ends with me saying, "And now for the real reason we're here". Well tonight, I came up with a new line, it just kind of popped out. I said to this guy, "And after all that paperwork, here's the key to your new house!"

I thought it was funny, let me know if you would chuckle or not.

Totals for the slow night: 5 hours, 7 deliveries, 25 miles, $14 in tips.

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Pizzadude said...

Ugh. I hate dealing with credit cards. I have found though, if you take your pen and circle the Tip part on the receipt and a little arrow pointing to the total, it will increase your tips. I always crack some sort of joke during the transaction also. "Talk them out of their money" is my motto.