Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Three Deliveries for Twenty-One Cents!

I could write about the good deliveries, for example the $5 tip that I got for the delivery to the far edge of our delivery area. Or the guy just down the street who tipped $2 and didn't get upset when I brough the wrong pop (Diet Pepsi instead of Pepsi).

But I seem to dwell more on the bad. I had a triple and made 21 cents combined. The first delivery was to the hospital maternity ward. The couple with the new baby ordered a pizza and a pop for $15.21. They paid $15.25.

Next was a lady that doesn't know her address. She said she lived on middle avenue but she actually lives on 5th street in an upstairs apartment. She got a pizza, a pop, some wings, and a 2 salads for $32.33. She paid $32.50.

Third was a credit card order of pasta and breadsticks for $15.78. We're supposed to get a physical "swipe" of the credit card but "her sister left with the card." I had to call the manager who approved the delivery but of course I got no tip.

In all I took 11 deliveries in 5 hours, drove 21 miles, and made $21 in tips.

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