Thursday, January 25, 2007

Average Wednesday

I worked last night from 6-close. We close at 11 PM but the closing driver can't leave until the closing tasks are done, including washing the dishes, and sweeping and mopping the floors. Last night was our buffet night so there were alot of dishes and we didn't leave until after midnight.

I took 9 deliveries and made about $17 in tips. In a 5-hour shift, the way our store is staffed, I expect to take a minimum of 10 deliveries (2 per hour) and I generally average about $2 per delivery in tips, so both numbers were slightly under what I expect, but not enough to get too upset.

Oh and it did start to snow between 9 and 10 PM, which slowed the roads down just a little. It's been a relatively warm & dry winter for us so far, but the next few weeks are forcast to be colder (normal January weather in Ohio).

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