Saturday, June 30, 2018

Day 3: A Tale of Two Cities

Seems like I've written this one before.

I was scheduled Friday night from 5-10.  I worked Friday night from 5-12:45 am. We were kind of busy.

Our pizza shop serves 2 cities, Lorain and Sheffield Lake.  In my first 12 deliveries, I took 5 to Sheffield Lake and 7 to Lorain.  In Sheffield Lake, 4 of the 5 orders tipped, a total of $24.  In Lorain, I got zero tips in 7 deliveries!

I did take 8 more to Lorain and got $21 on those 8, so things did improve slightly.  Totals for the night were 8 hours, 21 deliveries, 102 miles, and $49 in tips.

One notable delivery, the address was outside our delivery area and did not match the zone on the ticket. Also there was a phone # in the notes that did not match the phone # on the ticket. When I called, the address was different, and even further outside our delivery area. The order was placed online.

If it says we don't deliver, don't fake your address, find the correct shop that does deliver. They will get you your food faster!