Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Free $50

I got a message here about a contest to win a free $50 if I make a post about a site that provides information about CD Rates. Now, this is a pizza delivery blog, not a finance blog. What kind of sell-out does he think I am?

Well, on second thought, I do drive my beater car all around town, bringing people food for a $2 tip (or sometimes even less). I must need the cash, what the heck! Here goes:

Check out, to find the best CD rates around.

There, that's all I had to do and now I've got a chance to win $50!

Seriously, I did check out the site and it has some good information. If you have some extra cash and you want to find a place to put it where you can earn a decent interest rate, this little Piggy is your friend.

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